Fire protection mesh


Fire protection mesh for cable systems. Can be used both individually and in combination with other fire protection compositions.

fire protection mesh

Стабитерм 300, огнезащита кабеля,  огнезащитная сетка

Combination option:
 Stabiterm-300 mesh and Stabiterm-225 composition for fire protection of cables.

крепление для Стабитерм 300

Fasteners for fire protection mesh

For fire protection of cable systems

General information and application оof Stabiterm-300 fire protection mesh

The mesh is made from fiberglass filaments covered with fire protection composition. It increases fire resistance and prevents the spread of fire along cable lines and trays. The fire protection mesh is intended for use in macroclimatic regions with moderate and cold climates (U, UH, UHL), category 1 according to Russian GOST 15150-69.

Application features

Easy to install, requires no special equipment to apply. Thanks to its high repairability, it can significantly reduce costs: the fire protection mesh is a rolled material that easily bends and is convenient to use. When large amounts of cable need to be protected against fire, it can significantly reduce costs and save the construction budget.

Stabiterm-300 fire protection mesh can be used both individually and in combination with Stabiterm-225 fire protection composition for cable protection. Such combined use considerably enhances the fire protection of cable systems. You can find the detailed description of Stabiterm-225 on this page.

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Unique properties and advantages of Stabiterm-300

The perforation ensures that the heat generated by electrical cables is easily released.
Fire protection mesh is particularly tear- and wear-proof due to the fiberglass mesh.
It prevents fire from growing and spreading through the electrical lines (cables) and wired communication systems.
Stabiterm-300 fire protection mesh is produced in a tape 1 m wide and 15 m long, coiled into a roll. It is supplied in a ready-to-use form.
It is flexible and may be used anywhere. Simple lightweight design.
It doesn't take up much space. Fast and easy installation.

Technical information

Physical and chemical properties
Frame fabric weight, g/m² 160-200
Coating weight, not less than, g/m² 1 500
Flexural elasticity (after frost resistance test), not less than, mm 25
Лаборатория огнезащиты дзержинск

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