Solvent-based weatherproof fire protection coating for metal structures, operated in the open air or in areas with increased humidity, not requiring the application of finishing paints.

огнезащита металлоконструкций, стабитерм 209

fire protection coating

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Weather resistance and resistance to moderately aggressive media

General information and application

Stabiterm-209 weatherproof fire protection coating for metal structures is a one-component composition, which is a mixture of fireproof agents, fillers, rheological additives in a binder.

Application features of Stabiterm-209

The coating is intended to increase the fire resistance rating of metal structures operating indoors (heated and unheated premises), outdoors (at ambient air temperature from -50°C to +50°C), and moderately aggressive environments. It complies with fire safety requirements established in GOST R 53295-2009. After complete drying, the coating is weatherproof and resistant to moderately aggressive chemical media (no additional finishing coating is required). Complies with fire safety requirements established in GOST R 53295-2009. 53295-2009

The principle of action of the composition is based on the intumescence of the applied coating under the influence of high temperatures (from +200°C and more) and the formation of a porous heat-insulating layer.

highest quality fire protection of metal structures

Unique properties and advantages of Stabiterm-209


High resistance

The fire protection coating is resistant to weather impacts, spillage of chemical substances, and oil products.

Dry solids content is at least 72%

This reduces the consumption of the composition per 1m² of the covered surface because less consumption is required.

Up to 20-year warranty

The service life of the coating is not less than 20 years in the heated space, and 10 years in the open air, if the application and service conditions are observed.


Excellent compatibility

It is compatible with primers produced by various domestic and foreign manufacturers including Jotun, Hempel, and GF-021. This is ensured due to the high degree of adhesion of fire protection coating to the covered surface.


Reduces the labor costs

It is possible to apply the coating in a layer of up to 1000 µm in one pass, which significantly reduces the labor costs.


Easy to apply

It is applied using airless sprayers, such as Graco, Wagner, Contracor. It may also be applied with a brush and roller.

Technical information 


Certification: fire resistance rating is confirmed by Certificate of Conformity S-RU.PB34.V.01591 dated 17.09.2014.

  • Color: light gray
  • One-component, ready-to-apply composition
  • Fire protection performance от 45 до 120 минут для приведенной толщины металла от 3,4 мм и более
  • Diluent: xylene
  • Minimum application temperature when applied using a sprayer: -15°C
  • Guaranteed shelf life in an original unopened package: 12 months
  • Packing: 25 kg
Fire resistance
Fire resistance
metal thickness (mm)
Consumption* (kg/m²) Dry layer thickness (mm)
15 min. 3,4 0,256 0,165
45 min. 3,4 1,11 0,74
60 min. 3,4 1,8 1,2
90 min. 5,8 2,21 1,48
120 min. 7,2 3,18 2,12

*Process loss is not included

Physical and chemical properties
Coating appearance Matte gray surface without cracks, craters, and wrinkles
Dry solids content, not less than, % 72
Density 1,2-1,3
Diluent Xylene
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JSC Ammoni, Mendeleevsk, Tatarstan, LukOil, Uzbekistan, Electrodepot Brateevo, Moscow Metro, Solntsevo, Mitino, Moscow, Moscow region, Russia
Rosa Khutor Concert Hall, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, Russia

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