Ready-to-use solvent-based fire protection coating for metal structures.

огнезащитная краска для металлоконструкций, стабитерм,

fire protection coating

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Solvent-based fire protection coating
for metal structures

General information and application of Stabiterm-207

Stabiterm-207 is a one-component ready-to-use fire protection coating for metal structures, comprising a finely dispersed mixture of fireproof components, binder, and rheological additives in an organic solvent. Fire resistance rating is from 15 minutes..

Application features of Stabiterm-207

It is used for fire protection of supporting metal structures in industrial and civil construction both indoors or outdoors under shelter. To use Stabiterm-207 fire protection coating in the open air, it is necessary to ensure the application of a protective layer of special Stabiterm-007 composition.

The principle of action of the composition is based on the intumescence of the applied coating under the influence of high temperatures (from +200°C and more) and the formation of a porous heat-insulating layer.


Unique properties and advantages of Stabiterm-207


Excellent compatibility

The coating is compatible with different types of primers and finishing paints: Jotun, Hempel, GF-021, and others. This is achieved due to a high degree of adhesion of the fire protection composition to the surface.


Dry solids content is at least 72%

Low shrinkage of the coating after drying reduces the consumption per square meter of the covered surface.

Reduces the labor costs

The capability to apply the coating with a layer of up to 1 mm in one pass significantly reduces the labor costs.

High dispersion ability

Great savings on consumables for airless sprayer thanks to no frequent replacement of nozzles is required.

25-year warranty

The guaranteed service life of the coating is 25 years if the application and service conditions are observed.

Technical information


The safety of Stabiterm-207 fire protection coating is confirmed by the Certificate of State Registration RU. 001185.07.13 dated 25.07.2013. In addition, The Quality Certificate is issued for each batch, which confirms the main physical and chemical properties.

Fire resistance
Fire resistance
metal thickness (mm)
Consumption* (kg/m²) Dry layer thickness (mm)
30 min. 3,4 0,92 0,6
45 min. 3,4 1,22 0,85
60 min. 3,4 2,01 1,32
90 min. 5,8 2,3 1,65
120 min. 7,8 3,3 2,2

*Process loss is not included

Physical and chemical properties
Coating appearance Matt smooth surface
Dry solids content, not less than, % 72
Dynamic viscosity (Brookfield), P 180
Density g/L 1,25
Diluent Xylene
VOC 200

Dispersion, μm

not more than 70
  • Used for fire protection treatment of metal structures
  • The principle of action is based on the intumescence of the applied coating under the influence of high temperatures (from +200°C), and the formation of a porous heat-insulating layer.
  • Color: white
  • Available as a ready-to-use composition or as a dry mix
  • Fire protection performance от 15 до 120 минут для приведенной толщины металла от 1,4 до 8,9 мм
  • Diluent: xylene
  • Minimum application temperature: -15°C
  • Guaranteed shelf life in an original unopened package: 12 months
  • Packing: standard metal bucket with a crown or hoop type lid, product net weight is 25 kg. Standard packaging is included in the product price.
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