Fire protection for wood: Stabiterm-107

Fire protection of wood — Stabiterm-107 fire protection varnish for wood and wood-based materials resistant to abrasion and aging.

Стабитерм 107, огнезащитная краска, огнезащита древесины

Stabiterm-107 fire protection
wear-resistant varnish for wood

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Fire protection of metal structures

Fire protection of wood

General information and application of Stabiterm-107

Stabiterm-107 varnish is an epoxy-based fire protection composition for wood and wood-based materials. The coating is resistant to abrasion and aging.

Scope of Stabiterm-107 application: fire protection of wood

Stabiterm-107 is intended for application on wood surfaces and wood-based materials including chipboard, wallboard, and fiberboard laminated with paper or PVC-film located indoors to reduce their fire hazard rating. It possesses all the properties of parquet varnishes and is suitable for floor covering and all wooded constructions.

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Unique properties and advantages of Stabiterm-107


Dry solids content is at least 95%

Low shrinkage of the coating after drying reduces the consumption of varnish per square meter of the covered surface.


Not only for wood

Stabiterm-107 fire protection varnish is equally effective with all wood-based materials.


Service life is more than 10 years

Long service life is provided due to the resistance of the coating to drying and abrasion. 

Technical information 


Certification: fire resistance rating is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity S-RU.PB34.V.01225 dated 24.06.2013. It complies with the requirements of Federal Law No. 123-FZ dated 22.07.2008, rev. on 10.07.2012 as amended by No. 117-FZ and GOST P 53292-2009. The safety of use is confirmed by the Certificate of state registration RU. dated 22.07.2013.

In addition, a Quality Certificate is issued for each lot, which confirms the main physical and chemical properties.

  • Color: transparent, semi-gloss.
  • Consumption: 350 g/m², loss is not included.
  • Fire resistance rating: provides the first fire-proofing efficiency group.
  • Fire hazard class: wood-based materials including chipboard, wallboard and fiberboard laminated with paper or PVC-film coated with Stabiterm-107 varnish correspond to Class KM-2 of building materials fire hazard.
  • Supplied in the form of a 4 kg set: component “A” (Base) and component “B” (Hardener).
  • Service life is 10 years if the coating integrity is maintained.
  • Guaranteed shelf life in an original unopened package is 6 months.
Fire resistance

When applied with consumption of at least 350 g/m² (excluding losses), Stabiterm-107 fire protection varnish provides the first group of fire resistance rating and corresponds to fire hazard class of building materials KM-2 (G1, V2, D2, T2, RP1). The consumption specified above is achieved when 1-2 layers are applied.

Physical and chemical properties
Product appearance The base is a homogeneous viscous liquid, and the hardener is a colorless liquid.
Coating appearance Transparent semi-matt surface
Dry solids content, not less than, % 95
Hardness, according to TML hardness meter, pendulum “A” 0.35 (achieved after 25 days from the date of application)
Лаборатория огнезащиты дзержинск

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