Primer for metal structures

огнезащитный грунт, стабитерм 022

primer for metal products

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Primer for metal surfaces

General information and application of Stabiterm-022

Stabiterm-022 primer is designed for the first priming of products of black metal, galvanized steels, including galvanized and non-ferrous metals for subsequent covering with PWMs. It provides adhesion to other PWMs. The primer is compatible and can be used with the following compositions: «Stabiterm-317», «Stabiterm-217», «Stabiterm-207», «Stabiterm-219», «Stabiterm-209», «Stabiterm-221».

Metal protected with Stabiterm-022 primer can be used in the open air conditions. When used in combination with Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating, it provides fire rating for air ducts of up to EI 60 min.

It has good anti-corrosion properties. The primer increases the adhesion of the coating to metal and significantly inhibits the development of underfilm corrosion. It provides excellent adhesion with Stabiterm fire protection coatings and other coatings.

Unique properties and advantages of Stabiterm-022


Excellent anti-corrosion properties

The primer contains pigments conferring enhanced anticorrosive properties to the coating.


Fast drying

When carrying out the application works at a temperature of 20°C, the subsequent layer may be applied after 6 hours.


Low consumption

100 g/m², excluding loss. The primer can be applied with a sprayer.

Specifications of Stabiterm-022 primer


A Quality Certificate is issued for each lot, which confirms the main physical and chemical properties

Physical and chemical properties of Stabiterm-022
Composition appearance Red-burgundy liquid
Coating appearance Matte or semi-glossy surface
Dry solids content, not less than, % 58-64
Relative viscosity acc. to B3-6, not less than 60
Diluent Xylene
Dispersion, not less than, μm 50
Coating adhesion to surfaces made of ferrous metal, galvanized steels, points 11
Resistance to static effects of:
— water
— 5% sodium chloride solution,
not less than, hours
Color Red-brown
Packing (may be different at customer’s request) 5 and 25 kgs metal bucket
Color Red-brown
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