Weatherproof paint for creating a finishing weatherproof layer on fire protection compositions.

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Stabiterm-007 protective weatherproof paint

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Weatherproof paint

General information and application of Stabiterm-007 weatherproof paint

The paint is intended to create a finish weather-resistant layer on Stabiterm fire protection compositions. It does not affect the fire protection properties of the basic composition. It creates a white, semi-gloss layer on the surface, after drying of which the fire protection coating acquires weather resistance.

Stabiterm-007 protective weatherproof paint is applied after drying and stabilization of fireproof materials, paints, varnishes, and impregnations.

Unique properties and advantages of Stabiterm-007



80 g/m², excluding loss


Application temp. down to -15°C

Capability to apply at sub-zero temperatures 

Specifications of Stabiterm-007

Physical and chemical properties of Stabiterm-007
Composition appearance White liquid
Coating appearance Semi-matte smooth surface
Dry solids content, not less than, % 40-45
Relative viscosity acc. to B3-6, not less than 60
Diluent Diluent for acrylic paints
Dispersion, not less than, μm 50
Coating adhesion to surfaces made of ferrous metal, galvanized steels, points 11
Resistance to static effects of:
— water
— 5% sodium chloride solution,
not less than, hours
Color Red-brown
Packing (may be different at customer’s request) Металлическая банка  5 и 25кг
Color White

The safety of Stabiterm-007 paint is confirmed by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection Report 77.MO.01.231.P.007833.03.09. In addition, a Quality Certificate is issued for each lot, which confirms the main indicators.

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