High-speed dispersers, well-managed production cycle, quality control at all stages of fire protection composition manufacturing — all this enables us to produce the highest quality fire protection coatings.

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One of the best production facilities of fire protection compositions in Russia

The production facility of Fire Protection Laboratory is a state-of-the-art, automated plant that utilizes unique technologies and the latest scientific advances.

The production of Stabiterm fire protection coatings has the following key characteristics


Smart production of fire protection compositions

The production of fire protection materials is arranged into several workshops equipped with process lines and equipment for the manufacturing of fireproof, weather-resistant, solvent-water-borne compositions, paints, and varnishes.

The following equipment is used for our manufacturing:

  • special water treatment system
  • high speed dissolver mixers
  • vacuum reactors
  • automated filling lines
  • and other advanced equipment. 

Sustainability of production

Our workshops are equipped with purification and filtration systems that minimize the environmental impact of the manufacturing.


Upgrading of production

Fire Protection Laboratory LLC carries out continuous work for upgrading our production facilities, increasing the automation degree, as well as the improvement of staff working conditions.

Science intensity

We apply scientific developments in production of our fire protection compositions


All produced fire protection compositions are the results of our in-house developments.


The researches are carried out in close contact with the production facility, which helps to reduce the time required for the launching of new products.


Constant investment in research activities

Quality control

Focus on quality is the focus on customer

Our work over the quality of fire protection compositions is primarily the integrated analysis and monitoring of all stages of manufacturing:

  • inspection of raw material quality
  • analysis of finished product parameters
  • storage of arbitration samples

Our scientific laboratory plays a key role in this process.


Customer communication

Constant communication with our customers allows us to better understand their needs and exceed their expectations.


ISO 9001

Implemented at the company since 2013. ISO 9001 allows us to meet the high demands of consumers to product quality.


Overall control

Product quality is controlled at all stages of manufacturing — from incoming inspection of raw materials to checking each lot of finished product.

National standards

Testing and inspection are carried out in accordance with the requirements of national standards and certification methods using verified equipment.

Closed looped cycle production

Own boiler, water treatment system, and gas supply system reduce the risks to a minimum.


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