• Fire-retardant paints and coatings for metal structures

  • STABITERM 317 — fire-retardant technology for air ducts

  • Fire-retardant coatings for wood materials

  • Ground coats and enamels designed especially for STABITERM




  • Is used for wood surfaces and wood-based materials including laminated chip boards, laminated medium density fibreboards, laminated fiberboards, polyvinyl chloride laminated with paper or film
  • Has the same properties as finishing varnishes. Is applied for floors and any structures made of wood.
  • Color: glassy, semigloss
  • Consumption: 350 g/m2 ignoring losses
  • It is of the 1 class of fire-proofing efficiency
  • Corresponds to the KM-2 class of fire hazard class for construction materials.
  • Is supplied as a set of 4 kg: component A (base) and component B (hardener).
  • Life cycle – 10 years upon integrity of coating
  • Warranty storage period in unopened original package: 6 months
  • Certificates: fire-proof efficiency is proved by the Conformity Certificate C-RU.ПБ34.В.01225 dd. 24.06.2013
    Safety in use is proved by the Certificate of Registration RU. dd. 22.07.2013


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