• Fire-retardant paints and coatings for metal structures

  • STABITERM 317 — fire-retardant technology for air ducts

  • Fire-retardant coatings for wood materials

  • Ground coats and enamels designed especially for STABITERM




  • Is used for fire-retardant treatment of metal structures
  • Functional principle is based on swelling of coating under high temperatures (from +200 °C) and forming of foamed heat-insulating layer
  • Color – white (option - pastel shade)
  • Manufactured as paint ready-to-use or dry mixture
  • Fire-proof efficiency from 15 to 120 minutes for provided metal thickness of 1 - 8.9 mm
  • Thinner: xylene
  • Minimum temperature of coating application -15°C
  • Warranty storage period in unopened original package: 12 months
  • Packing: 25 kg
  • Certificates: fire-proof efficiency is proved by the Conformity Certificate C-RU.ПБ34.В.01379 dd. 30.12.2013,
    Safety in use is proved by the Certificate of Registration RU. dd. 25.07.2013


  • Paint is miscible with different types of ground coats and finishing enamels: Jotun, Hempel, ГФ-021 and etc. – due to high adhesion of fire-retardant composition to work surface.
  • All-season: it can be applied at temperature up to -15 °C that make it possible to work all seasons (Stabitem-207).
  • Option – pastel shade on the Customer’s request.
  • Dry residues are no less than 70%: small setting while drying that reduces paint consumption per 1m2 of work surface.
  • It is possible to apply paint of 1 mm layer per once – this reduce man-hours.
  • High dispersity of compositions allows to conserve on consumables for airless painting device as there is no necessity in frequent change of nozzles.
  • Warranty period for coating, if applying and operation conditions are met: 25 years.


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