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Fire Protection Laboratory LLC

Fire Protection Laboratory LLC is a Russian company that combines innovative developments, production, implementation of high-tech products to improve the fire resistance of metal structures.

Laboratory research

Coked foam quality (intumescence coefficient)

Fire-proofing efficiency testing

Determination of thickness of the applied composition


Key highlights

The task of production of weather-resistant fire protection compositions was defined by our company in 2014. On the market of fire protection compositions, the weatherproof composition segment was represented by either imported expensive compositions or domestic compositions with unconfirmed weather resistance. Fire Protection Laboratory has developed and put into production our weather-resistant fire protection compositions in a short time. 


Wide range of products

Our product line is represented by a wide range of industrial fireproof materials to protect metal structures in case of fire. A special place is occupied by weather-resistant fire protection compositions, in terms of production volumes and range of which we take the leading among other manufacturers. A wide product range and industry certification of products allow us to offer each customer the best solutions in terms of efficiency and cost.



Quality Management System

Since 2013, the quality management system is implemented at our company in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001, the efficiency of which was repeatedly confirmed in the course of inspection and recertification audits. 



Scientific and technical capabilities

Our scientific and technical capabilities allow us to meet any special challenges on improving the fire resistance, analyze and offer the most effective and rational solutions including the development and testing new fire protection materials and products.


Our focus

Policy of Fire Protection Laboratory LLC

Fire Protection Laboratory LLC is an innovative and modern company that attaches great importance to scientific activities. We are investing in the constant improvement of research laboratory and production, enhancing the quality of production and operational processes. Communicating with our customers on a daily basis, we see a positive result from this approach. Our objectives are therefore forward-looking, ambitious, and focused on the future.

Only own formulations

We are the developer and owner of the formulas for all materials produced by the company. 


Overall control

We control the entire production chain, suppliers of raw materials, production processes, commercial processes, as well as the use of our materials and warranty service.

Developing the future products

We set up ourselves the challenge to develop formulations that nobody makes, and the market for which is just forming, thus being proactive.

Creativity and non-standard approach

We welcome a non-standard approach to the use of raw materials and technologies, we study global and domestic experience, research new materials..

Laboratory improvement

We believe that the constant improvement of our laboratory is the task of creating the future of our company.



Customer consulting

We strive to provide our partners and customers with the most comprehensive information on the application and compatibility of fire protection compositions.

Each our product is the best in class

Each type of our composition should be the best in its class both in Russian and the global market. We use our full scientific capabilities to meet this challenge.

mission of Fire Protection Laboratory LLC

We understand how our business is important for people

The mission of our company is preservation of life and health of people in case of fires and accidents through scientific development and production of fire protection materials for metal and building structures.

Нанесение огнезащитного состава на металлоконструкцию

Innovations and science intensity

Advantages of Fire Protection Laboratory LLC

Innovative developments

Research activities on the development of advanced fire protection compositions are the main focus of our company.


Advanced production

Our production capacity (60 tons per day) can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer.


Manufacturing of high-tech products

Investment in science makes it possible to create world-class quality fire protection compositions!



51 Avtozavodskoe Highway, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia.

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Mon-Fri: from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

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