• Fire-retardant paints and coatings for metal structures

  • STABITERM 317 — fire-retardant technology for air ducts

  • Fire-retardant coatings for wood materials

  • Ground coats and enamels designed especially for STABITERM


The Laboratory

Our company was founded in 2007. For the purpose to respond in time to increasingly stringent requirements of modern market the Research Laboratory was created, its aim was to develop own fire-proofing materials and bring them up to commercial product.

The Laboratory is the center of our company. It can be justifiably named as creative given that creative lab assumes teamwork on research of something new in science and technology, testing of new ideas. We involve specialists as needed and try to arrange work process in order to implement creative ideas in full bringing out the best of each employee. We believe that product quality is the most important for investments and that’s why we update equipment for laboratory and production on regular basis. It is policy of our company to place a top priority on researches made by our lab.

We can check product quickly and accurately due to modern equipment. High quality accessories are used for the development of new products and for raw material check. Detailed tests are part of each composition production process, they are included in quality control plan. The final results of our activities are new products and efficient production process.

Equipment and staff qualification allow to work with wide range of chemicals and thus there is no restrictions for research and study in our laboratory on any of the required directions to develop fire retardants which frequently have no foreign analogs. Due to proprietary design we produce complete set of materials to protect wood materials and metal structures. Research works are performed in close contact with production and thus it allows to reduce terms of new product implementation.

Our company cooperates with the Building Academy in Nizhniy Novgorod, Institute of Chemistry and several leading foreign companies. Results of cooperation are not only development of new compositions and studying of their properties but publication of articles on our new developments in industry magazines.